The Santini Estate was founded in the 1960s by brothers Giuseppe and Primo Santini. While the Corianese countryside was being depopulated and local farmers were turning into innkeepers and lifeguards, they recovered 28 hectares and gave new vigor to the ancient and traditional cultivation of the vines. The love for the land remained in the heart and soul of the two pioneers who re-evaluated the native Sangiovese, and strengthened it with the expertise guidance of a very young agronomist from Faenza, Dr. Remigio Bordini. The results were excellent. The best private and social wineries now draw their lifeblood from the Estate's grapes and acquire important awards. Years and seasons have passed, and from the initial 7 hectares of vineyards the investments and experiments to find the best quality continue to develop.

what it offers

  • Agritourism and agricamping
  • Guided tours with tastings

wines not to miss

  • Beato Enrico - Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore
  • Orione - Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore
  • Isotta Santini - Colli di Rimini DOC Rebola Secco

in the surrounding area

  • Rimini, the Simoncelli Museum, the Gothic Line Museum
  • Restaurants: La Greppia, Trattoria Da Savino, Agriturismo La Valle, Al Bellavista (Coriano), Da Lele (Rimini), Locanda del Pettirosso (Saludecio)
  • Shops: Antica Marchi printing house (Santarcangelo), olive oil mills in the Corianese area


Via Brodolini, 2 47853



Direct sales
Every day 8-12 & 14-18 except Sundays
Visits and tastings
By reservation:


Languages spoken: English, French


Alessandra Faccioli | 347 8101140


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