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February 2022 | Tradition

Three museums of Romagna that (perhaps) you did not know

Romagna land of good food. Romagna land of great wines. But Romagna can also amaze for its millenary culture, which history has stratified into surprising forms. In this post we go to the discovery of three unpublished museums of Romagna, three different places yet in profound harmony, three different facets of a land that never fails to amaze with its curiosities and its excellence.

RAVENNA - Classis, Museum of the City and the Territory

Ravenna is the city of mosaics, of the Goths in Italy, of the Byzantine Exarchate. It houses Dante's tomb and was a bulwark of the Papal State.

Ravenna is a thousand cities in one, a thousand cultures, a thousand colors. The best way to get to know it is to visit Classis - Museum of the City and the Territory, 2,600 square meters of exhibition inside a former sugar processing factory. Classis is the extraordinary story of a city through its main junctions, from Etruscan-Umbrian origins to Roman antiquity, from the Gothic and Byzantine era to the early Middle Ages. use of technological and interactive means.

RIMINI - Fellini Museum

Inaugurated in August 2021, the Fellini Museum is the largest exhibition project dedicated to the brilliant director of Rimini.

It is a magical place, where innovation and research come together to recover that particular oneiric dimension typical of Fellini's style. An immersive and participatory exhibition that makes the visitor the protagonist of his own visit, in an audiovisual path that claims to project visitors into the director's secret laboratory

CESENA - Musicalia

Five hundred years in 7 different environments. Musicalia is the mechanical music museum that traces five centuries of music through the display of sound objects.

The whole collection revolves around human ingenuity in building instruments capable of producing music and rhythm in unusual and particular forms. House organs, music boxes, automatic saxes, cages with mechanical birds that sing and move. The museum's exceptional piece is Leonardo Da Vinci's War Drum, reconstructed from an original project by the Tuscan genius.