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February 2024 | Territory

Collaboration and a Pursuit of Quality: an Outlook on 2024

We recently had a chat with Roberto Monti, the President of the Consorzio, about the fresh beginning of the year and the upcoming months. Despite some concerns, it appears that the future holds promise if we stick together and continue to prioritize quality as our common goal.

Reflecting on the challenges of the past year (ended on a positive note, despite the hardship) how do you foresee 2024 unfolding?

2023 was undeniably demanding, putting even the most seasoned Romagna producers to the test. However, despite the hurdles, production managed to yield positive outcomes, albeit with some minor adjustments. Encouragingly, regarding our PDOs, there's a notable uptick in revenues for companies, which likely reflects not just higher list prices but also a growing consumer preference for quality.

Looking ahead to 2024, there's a sense of toughness amidst concerns about an unstable landscape – from geopolitical tensions to rising costs and worries over declining consumption. Nevertheless, despite these obstacles, we're committed to adopting a proactive stance and confronting the challenges that lie ahead with the same determination that saw us through the trials of the previous year.

Have there been any initial observations in these early weeks of the year?

It's still too early to draw definitive conclusions, particularly given that January isn't the most indicative month for gauging annual trends. At a quick glance, looking at official inventories, the Italian wine sector embarks on this year with values nearing historic lows, notwithstanding some alarmist reports. Thus far, consumption hasn't witnessed a significant decline. We're currently in a phase of updating list prices and closely monitoring market dynamics.

This winter, too, we've felt the effects of climate change, with temperatures running above average.

Regrettably, it seems that warm and dry winters have become somewhat of a new norm. This, undoubtedly, is impacting our operations; the premature onset of the vegetative cycle could pose significant challenges in the event of a sudden return to cold weather. Nonetheless, we remain hopeful that everything will proceed smoothly.

Producers are diligently tracking climate shifts, implementing agricultural practices and management techniques to ensure the continued quality of their products. It's a challenge that demands ongoing adaptation, but we're steadfast in upholding the standards of excellence that define Romagna wines.

What are the Consorzio’s goals for this year?

Our primary aim for 2024 is to further elevate the quality standards of our wines, highlighting the unique characteristics of our region. We aim to address any potential declines in consumption and meet the increasing demand for quality by offering our best while distinguishing ourselves in the market and maintaining competitive prices.

As part of our missions, we're focused on enhancing the visibility of our brands in both domestic and international markets through targeted marketing strategies and enhanced distribution and communication efforts. Simultaneously, we recognize the importance of promoting innovation in formats and promotional activities, adapting to shifts in the wine landscape and evolving consumer preferences.

How does the Consorzio support its members?

The Consorzio Vini di Romagna plays a pivotal role in supporting its members through an inclusive and collaborative approach, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to actively engage in Consortium decisions and activities, irrespective of company size. We understand the significance of each voice, and collectively, we can achieve greater outcomes.

Our efforts in communication and promotion aim to amplify the presence of our producers and their wines in national and international markets, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the Romagna winemaking fraternity – attributes that have enabled us to navigate through challenging times, including those of the past year.