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March 2024 | Territory

The Sub-Zones of Romagna Sangiovese: Marzeno

Despite its modest size – it's the smallest sub-zone among the 19 – Marzeno offers a range of wines with great warmth and power, splendid symbols of Romagna's Sangiovese and its expressive potential.

Primarily located in the Faenza territory, with some extensions towards Brisighella, Marzeno is the smallest sub-zone in the mosaic of Romagna Sangiovese and is essentially developed along the valley of the homonymous stream, particularly in its terminal part.

Here, the landscape is gentle and undulating, occasionally marked by gullies towards the Brisighella border, where it then gives way to marl; the vineyards wind along the two parallel hill ridges along the course of the stream, from the Marzeno fraction to the Ceparano hill and Monte Cappellaccio (commonly called Pietramora) at an altitude ranging from 100 to 200 meters above sea level. These are gentle and well-exposed hills, with a very homogeneous vineyard surface that benefits from an excellent microclimate and good ventilation, factors that contribute to regular ripening.

Clay and limestone make up the majority of the soils, with a prevalence of red clays that strongly characterize the grapes. The wines they yield are voluminous, tannic, and austere, with significant fruity richness of sour cherry and cherry, best enjoyed in youth.

Even Albana, grown in the lower areas, richer in sand and pebbles, has a strong presence in this area, producing vibrant and energetic wines, with sharp acidity and significant savoriness that reflect the soil's peculiarities.

Marzeno is a corner of the Mediterranean: a suggestive landscape adorned with maritime pines, holm oaks, oaks, cypresses, and Mediterranean essences, increasingly confirming Sangiovese's strong territorial belonging to the characteristic biodiversity of Central Italy.