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September 2023 | Territory

The Sub-Zones of Romagna Sangiovese: Coriano

Along the valley of the Marano stream, behind the sea, rises the central sub-zone of the province of Rimini. Among one of the more recently recognized sub-zones, Coriano gives life to Sangiovese wines that bring out their most Mediterranean side.

Coriano’s topography is rather uniform, with vineyards situated between 60 to 250 meters asl and clay-limestone soils that take on shades of brown, ochre and gray.  

Here, the sea is a tangible presence, ever present over the hills: catch a glimpse of its shimmer just beyond the ridges and vineyards that gently meander. The sea is the key to understanding the production of this subzone: Coriano yields wines that carry a profound Mediterranean influence

Coriano wines are renowned for their intensity, deep colors, pronounced alcohol notes and bold structure. Abundant sunshine and the Mediterranean climate promote optimal ripening of the grapes, while the tannins are perfectly balanced by a robust structure and alcoholic smoothness. 

After journeying through Medieval villages and various hills, the wine region of Romagna reveals its exceptional side in Coriano: distinctive and characteristic wines that are unmistakably unique, an excellent proof of the diverse nature of Romagna Sangiovese.