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September 2022 | Territory

Autumn appointments in Romagna

Autumn, in Romagna, reveals the richness of a land between sea and mountains, plains and hills. An extraordinary explosion of colours, flavors and aromas that only the "borderlands" are able to express in hundreds of dishes, traditions and festivities linked to the great harvests of late summer, above all, that of the grape harvest

In addition to wine, the Romagna autumn is marked by hundreds of festivals dedicated to the fruits of the undergrowth, mushrooms, chestnuts, polenta, stuffed pasta, meat and fish. Above everything, literally, the White Pregiato truffle reigns, which grows along the slopes of the Apennines and, precisely in these months, reaches the pinnacle of quality and dictates the rules of good food.

Not being able to list all the autumn festivals in Romagna, we have limited ourselves to choosing some of the best-known events. We refer to the websites of the municipalities and the Pro loco for more information: in fact, each village has its own festival and its specialties to celebrate!


ALBANA DÈI – Wine to Wine
Bertinoro, 30 September - 2 October

Romagna is not just Sangiovese and Albana Dèi – now in its 10th edition – exists to prove it. The most important event dedicated to wines made from albana grapes (a white grape variety that has its homeland of excellence in Romagna) is certainly the best opportunity to take stock of the situation on the expressions of this extraordinary variety. This year, the first stage of the Albana Dèi will take place in the wonderful village of Bertinoro - orange flag of the Touring Club - between the end of September and the beginning of October, on the occasion of the «Vino al Vino» event. On 2 October, in particular, the national competition "Master dell'Albana" will take place, reserved for AIS sommeliers, organized by the Consorzio Vini di Romagna in collaboration with the Municipality of Bertinoro.

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Ravenna, 28-30 October 2022

GiovinBacco - Sangiovese in Festa is one of the largest wine events of Romagna Sangiovese which, in 2022, reaches its 20th edition. Ravenna celebrates Sangiovese with three days in the city centre, a traveling event involving Piazza San Francesco, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Kennedy and the neighboring streets. Organized by Slow Food Ravenna, it includes food and wine guided tours to discover the authentic soul of Romagna between food and wine, tours of the eight Unesco sites in Ravenna and Dantesque tours.

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Feltria White Truffle Fair
Sant'Agata Feltria, 2-30 October 2022

In Sant'Agata Feltria - Truffle City on the border between Romagna, Marche and Tuscany - the National White Truffle Fair has reached its 38th edition, becoming one of the most important truffle events in the Center Italy. The event fills the streets and squares of the village throughout the weekends of October with dozens of stalls dedicated to the precious underground mushroom and local gastronomic specialities. Let yourself be guided by the scent: you will discover a wonderful medieval village in celebration, its Rocca, the music and, of course, the wine!

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Imola, 31 October – 22 November 2022

It is always a discovery to go to the Bacchanal of Imola, an event dedicated to the culture of food with meetings, seminars, tastings and musical entertainment. Every year a different cut is given to the event, a transversal topic capable of uniting culture and flavours. For 2022, the theme of "Ripieni" has been chosen, a word to be used exclusively in the plural, a true pride of the culinary art of Romagna which is expressed in a thousand different dishes: stuffed pasties, stuffed pasta , stuffed tortelli, stuffed turkey and stuffed vegetables. “Stuffing adds flavour, richness and appeal to simpler dishes, fills voids, complements and enriches flavours,” say the organizers. We are sure that the Bacchanal, with its array of scheduled events, will not leave a void in its visitors. And the local wine – if the event is named after Bacchus – will not fail to enhance the traditional dishes in the various versions and reinterpretations proposed.

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